MeHApp Guide

Does this look complicated? It's not. Let us explain why.


In order to moderate usage, prevent abuse, provide accountability and give our users the best experience, all features can only be used with an active account. So create an account with us, login and start with the MeHApp within mere seconds! It’s Free!


This feature provides you an avenue to ask any question you’d like or even post your story to get directions/opinion. Begin by clicking ‘Ask a Question’, complete the necessary, choose if you want to post Anonymously and then press ‘Post’. You will receive notifications on your post activity via the Bell icon at the top right of your screen and via email. You may also access your previous posts to view or edit them via this section. 

Don’t forget to add Tags before posting so you can reach a wider audience as it is how categories are listed.


Whether it is making friends or sharing problems, there will be many points that we want/need someone to talk to and sometimes, we prefer not to be judged or viewed differently while we’re at it. Choose the age group, gender and location of the person you wish to speak to, select if you want to chat Anonymously and then press ‘Chat Now’. You will be connected to a random user online within your preferred parameters or the closest match available. And if you’re chatting anonymously but decide that you are comfortable with sharing your identity later, just select ‘Disable Anonymity’ and your profile will revert to being visible again. It’s that simple! Enjoy!


A Blog, a library, an articles section, call it anything. This is a wealth of information for the community, by the community. If you like to write, have advice or are a subject matter expert, feel free to contribute with a post. If you like to read, well then read away! Do remember to click ‘like’ on posts if you do and share the love by sharing it to your friends and family by clicking ‘share’ and you can post it to your messengers, social platforms etc.

Again, categories are based on Tags created.


This is an awesome one! A base of virtual activities, recorded or live, where you can learn on a topic, take a course, get counselling, seek consultation and many more, both Free or Paid.

If you would like to create content, click ‘Create’ and follow the simple steps to get started! Don’t forget to add Tags here too!

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