About us

Welcome to The MeHApp
(MeH short for Mental Health).

Why Mental Health?
Because along with endless entertainment, fun online and on our mobile devices, our evolving digital age has also brought about the continuous growth of mental health problems globally. Whether it’s for Geopolitical reasons, a Pandemic or just from plain Life itself, mental health sufferers are tormented just the same, some more than others and a fraction even being pushed over the edge with lives lost. Not only do they suffer but so do those around them.

The world is trying to address these problems collectively but hundreds, thousands or even millions of people slip through the cracks without getting the help they need, some because they just can’t bring themselves to talk to someone about it. And Maybe that’s all some of us need, to talk to someone, share ideas, build confidence, get help and motivation, all without being embarrased or having the fear of being judged/critisized. MeHApp now gives everyone a unified platform to help and be helped. An outlet for anyone in the world, as yourself or Anonymously.

Every day, people suffer from the negative effects of bullying, racism, depression, loss of loved ones, divorce, stress, pressure, pregnancy issues, financial problems and many more. Imagine the ultimate, global support group to help all these people, supported by the rest of the world, who will also receive help when faced with the same.

We are not a replacement to your current social apps and we are not a competitor fighting for your business/attention. We simply unite the world to help the world.

We are the help people need, when they need it.

We are MeHApp.